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Wanda is not your everyday warrior princess. Yes, she is a stunningly beautiful Amazonian leather-clad badass duck. Yes, she has noble blood and looks like a demi-goddess. But her battle cry is “Qua-yayayayayayayay-ack!” See? Completely unique.

Wanda was raised by amazon ducks on the Immortal Island. When Thulsa Duck brought the war to her home, Wanda joined the crusade that brought down the latex clad drake’s evil empire and has pursued him to Reedy Bend to finish the fight. She did not expect the world outside the Immortal Island to be so … amazing.

Everything is new, and exciting … and so very distracting to her. And who knew that drakes could be so … distracting as well.

Wanda is 22mm toe-to-eye, cast in metal with an integrated cobblestone base. All miniatures are supplied unpainted.

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