About Star Hat Miniatures

Welcome! My name is Darcy Perry and this is where you can find a unique collection of fantasy and sci-fi miniatures that are reminiscent of the first metal figurines I painted in my youth; the glory days of roleplaying and wargaming when White Dwarf and Dragon magazines could be found in the local bookstore. 

So, how did this magic carpet ride all come about? My friend Lewis Morgan, a professional storyteller, suggested I sculpt a miniature in 2016... 

After thirty years of painting figurines, sculpting my first knight opened a whole new world of possibilities. I sculpted seven miniatures that month! To share the joy of creating tabletop game characters, I started a Kickstarter to raise funds to have them cast in metal: Delvers Lost in the Dungeons of Doom!

It was a critical success which became a hat-trick! The initial 50 Star Hat miniatures have come from those first three Kickstarters. My beloved wife and children have adjusted well to my new mid-life fascination with green stuff (modelling putty). Casting has been expertly handled by Ian and Allan Farelly at Regal (Greytown, New Zealand) and Elton Waters at Scotia Grendel (Scotland).

A team of creative friends are keeping me busy sculpting. Grant Stone (writer and founder of Star Hat University) and Romilly Brown (legendary Kiwi artist) made all of those Kickstarters look and feel awesome. There are also the Box Trolls to thank: Dave, Grant, Blair, Greg, Dennis, Alan and Marti. Plus the talented painters Claire van der Goes and Bobby Grindrod. 

Where to from here? The latest Kickstarter campaign Ducks Lost in the Dungeons of Doom IV: Quack Keep features a whole lotta Ducks and is a collaboration with famed artist and game designer, Jennell Jaquays.

I will also be taking more commissions in 2018, so if you have any questions or just want to get in touch about turning your dreams into reality, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Darcy Perry