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The Village of Omelette

The Village of Omelette

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The Village of Omelette is an homage to the legendary EGG. A duckly humorous adventure set in AquaLoonia, for the tabletop roleplaying game DuckQuest, but is easily adapted to other classic RPGs. This digital release is part of #ZineQuest and #ZIMO 2023, supporting the Table Top Roleplaying Games Community globally. 

‘Twas a time o' peace. A time o' sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. Aye, a time of eggs sunny side up. The fowl Forces of Duckness that once menaced the Village of Omelette long forgotten. But, lo and behold, the Army of Duckness ‘twas not defeated. Oh no, merely banished. And now it's quack! Lurking with a vengeance, like a mallard from the muck. Omelette calls out for heroes, for without 'em, we're all doomed!

Many, many years ago, Gary Gygax brought a village called Hommlet from his home campaign to the world. This is not that village. Sure, there will be an idyllic country setting with an iconic dungeon-like ruins nearby. Hey, there’s also a war brewing between Law and Chaos... but... new creatures, factions, powers, and wonders await you in Omelette! There’s also ducks. A lot of ducks. The walking, talking, anthropomorphic kind of duck. There are other critters too, and plenty of fowl puns. 


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