Shyllip Duckbaneson

Shyllip Duckbaneson

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Shyllip’s grizzled gray beard and signature spectacles make him stand out from the other swamp dwarves. And of course, no one else has a hat quite like Shy’s crumpled topper. Shy and his family prefer loose-fitting trousers and jackets, waterproof boots, and broad hats to keep the flatland sun off their heads. Then there’s those strange loudly percussive fowling pieces they keep slung over their shoulders.

Shyllip worships and serves Canardmorte, a god he believes to be a lost and unpopular dwarven deity. When he met his first of the Fowl Folk (long before Reedy Bend), he realized that he could serve his deity AND make money by selling bits and pieces of the abominations as ingredients for magic and potions.

“These duck-billed abominations of the natural order deserve their fate,” is the core of his preaching. This view is ordained by the holy texts that Shy wrote before leaving their homeland.

Shyllip is 23mm toe-to-eye, cast in metal with an integrated cobblestone base. All miniatures are supplied unpainted.

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