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This spry old duck, leans on his solid yet unremarkable sturdy spear, startling all around with the piercing gaze from his one good eye (the other covered by a plain old leather patch). Despite the intense glare, Old Duck is cheeky and irreverent, a real rogue who speaks only in rhyme. A raven he calls Hugo (possibly short for Huginn) sometimes perches weightlessly on his extravagant horned helm.

This unassuming old duck has no memory of who he is. For he is not simply Old Duck, but Oduck, an Ancient, but still mortal incarnation of a Norduck god (and long-lost spouse of Freyad’k). Nevertheless, he is unaware of that status, for he has lost his Memory (one of his two ravens). He cannot remember his name, his status, or his abilities.  Oduck has been questing  longer than he knows, searching for his long ship, the one that will take him home.

Oduck is 25mm toe-to-eyepatch, cast in metal with an integrated cobblestone base. All miniatures are supplied unpainted.

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