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Star Hat



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Did you sneeze while you were chanting one of the forbidden incantations and now the third floor science lab is melting into the void?

Did you forget to return a book to the library and now the archivist assassins are waiting in the hallway with  poisoned daggers?

Did you drink too much last night and now your room smells like the inside of a bison?

Everyone knows the stories: that Murray isn't from around these parts (where "these parts" includes this dimension and several others); that there are actually several hundred Murrays, but nobody notices because they are never seen together; that three thousand years ago, before Star Hat University was even an idea and the area was just scrubland and a particularly noxious swamp, Murray was already here, waiting. But of course none of these stories are are true. Murray is just a humble janitor, always ready to clean up your mess with a smile and a mop. Mostly with the mop.

So if you've got a mess you need cleaned up, Murray's your man. Well, not exactly man. Just send a message to the cupboard under the back stairs (between the staff room and the second-hand owl shop), any time except Tuesday afternoons, when he's either traversing the astral pathways or watching the cricket.

Murray is 32mm toe-to-eye, cast in metal with an integrated cobblestone base. All miniatures are supplied unpainted.


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