Merganser Le Fay

Merganser Le Fay

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Merganser Le Fay’s striking red plumage, flaring red crest, fierce gaze, and long sharp bill make her hard to miss wherever she goes. She is an iconic representation of a duck breed rarely seen anywhere near Reedy Bend. Even the shimmering fabric of her robes and the material in her wand seem unusual and alien. She flourishes a wand made of twisting horn, surprisingly similar to a unicorn horn. Merganser has a mercurial temperament. At times playful and wanton, then other times vengeful and cruel.

Merganser is the mother of all Merganser ducks. She comes from a land far, far away, born in a time still further off. The Merganser ducks, so different from other duck breeds, are sometimes assumed to be a fey race, duck faeries if you will. And that may be true. Merganser seems as if she may be immortal, living well past the span of other mortal ducks. She played a pivotal role in the legends of a far-off kingdom known as Quakalot being there for both the rise and fall of its most famous king, Artur Penducdrackon. The king’s family proudly showed the Platypyros, or Ducdrackon, Rampant on its heraldic crest.

Merganser had believed those mythological beasts long extinct, gone with the fall of Quakalot, its knights, and the legendary Pond Table. When she awoke from her most recent nap (of several centuries) she heard the rumors of a ducdrackon ravaging a far-off land. Could this creature’s appearance also herald the return of Artur Penducdrackon? Would he be coming back to seek revenge on her and restore Quakalot?

Merganser is 24mm toe-to-eye, cast in metal with an integrated cobblestone base. All miniatures are supplied unpainted.

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