Katnip Everduck

Katnip Everduck

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Katnip’s distinctive braided crest dangles over one shoulder. Her eyes constantly scan her surroundings, looking for the next threat. With her dark leather clothing and gear, she can slip invisibly into the underbrush of the Marshlands. Aloof and cautious, she always keeps her bow close. She knows there is a price on her head and her family is still in danger so she stays ever vigilant, patrolling the marshlands, islands, and river banks for threats from her former home.

Born an impoverished serf’s daughter in a land beyond Reedy Bend, Katnip became a huntress (a poacher), to help feed her family. When the rulers came looking for champions as tribute for the entertainment of the Minotaur King in his deep cavern lair, Katnip volunteered but they took her family hostage anyway. She bested the king’s champions with her Phenomenal archery, stole an enchanted bow, and used it to free her family and slay their captors.

Katnip has been a fugitive ever since. She brought her family safely to Reedy Bend, but never felt at ease taking up their life of rice farming and marsh fishing. A chance meeting with Duckin Hood led her to a new life with his Ferrymen.

Katnip is 24mm toe-to-eye, cast in metal with an integrated cobblestone base. All miniatures are supplied unpainted.

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