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Jenn JaQuack

Jenn JaQuack

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Shield Maiden Jenn stands tall for a female duck, with unexpectedly broader shoulders than most. She carries Foefeather, her signature hammer inherited from her mother, and the Maiden’s Sanctuary, an enchanted iron-bound shield with more ease than one might expect. Her most surprising feature may be her plumage, which is that of a drake, not a female duck.

Jenn JaQuack comes from a long line of ducks devoted to the Temple of Freyad’k. Her mother and grandmothers before her had been shield maidens and shield mothers, passing the responsibility on to their daughters. The story is long, but when her mother, then Shield Mother of the home temple was elevated to a higher station, Freyad’k chose Jenn instead of one of her sisters to become a shield maiden, despite her not being born … a maiden. Jenn had known that truth all her life, the goddess just confirmed it for her.

Jenn is 23mm toe-to-eye, cast in metal with an integrated cobblestone base. All miniatures are supplied unpainted. 

This figure available as a 3D printable STL file here.


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