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Goodie Green

Goodie Green

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Goodie Green is the embodiment of a legendary heroine in semi-retirement. She is the one who “took and arrow to the knee”" and married her sweetheart Dabbler. Yet few know of her background. And while Dabbler does boast of his adventures, he was a hireling who managed the camps, made meals, and tended ponies. An important role, but not one that took him into the thick of danger.

Dabbler runs the Tavern, while his wife Goodie runs the Landing (the Factor often relies on her common sense). Like Mother Henna, she’s no stranger to applying common sense at the end of a stout stick or these days, with a well-swung loaf. Whether she’s shopping the market or not, she always has a Baguette of Smiting. She has been places, seen things. Some say she witnessed the Night of the Dragon. Others claim she is Queen Boudukka come back to life. They’re right, you know.

Goodie is 21mm toe-to-eye, cast in metal with an integrated cobblestone base. All miniatures are supplied unpainted.


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