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Garm of Hrothmyr

Garm of Hrothmyr

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Technically you could call Garm of Hrothmyr a death priest. It is an accurate statement, though the imagery that such a title suggests - a deranged and blood thirsty warrior on the cover of a heavy metal album -  isn't wholly accurate for him. Garm sees himself as a berserker theologian. He's usually the party member most likely to try diplomacy. If words fail, well, that's what the berserker rage is

Physically, Garm's a big guy, swinging the long hafted  maul he favors with ease. Although he generally takes good care of himself and his equipment, he prefers to keep his hair and beard long and wild. He prides himself in knowing the rituals of most major religions, but likes having reference material in case anything slips his mind. He always religious texts along with a back up weapon or two. While he is blessed with the power to cast divine spells, he might carry a healing kit or some potions as a backup.

Mentally, he's just a little off kilter. Thanks to a head wound he sustained during his teenage years as a longboat raider, he started seeing visions. Mostly, these were visions of death. Seeking to understand what he was seeing, he took his share of the plunder and used to to pay for an education. He graduated the collage as a priest of the god of death and began wandering following his visions. He believes that life should be enjoyed by all as much as possible since death can come at any time. Wherever he travels, he does what he can to fight those who would oppress others (its hard to enjoy life when your oppressed), heal
the sick (he minored in medicine at college), and preach.

His message, "Life can only be truly enjoyed when one accepts the inevitability of death and ceases to fear it," might be a little difficult for the average peasant to get, but people are always happy to have the big man around to help once they realize he's not there to loot and pillage. His greatest achievement: Using diplomacy to stop a fight between a town and a dragon before anyone got hurt.

Garm is 33mm toe-to-eye, cast in metal with an integrated cobblestone base. All miniatures are supplied unpainted.


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