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Star Hat

Duke Crow STL

Duke Crow STL

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Somewhat of a legend in the feathered communities, this clever crow, known as “The Duke” was a dagger for hire, a master of the shadows, a liberator of other’s possessions, and if the coin is right, a stealer of lives. And then he retired … for a time. Duke is loyal and true, so long as folks leave him alone and never, ever, ever double cross him.

Many confuse him for some mythical creature from the far east, Tengu or Tenku. But truth be told, Duke is a local fellow, egg-born and nest-raised in the in sight of the long stalks of the bountiful cornfields of western lands. Some may call him a cold, calculating murderer but Duke Crow can no longer be bought. Duke came out of retirement for only one reason. Revenge. It’s been a bad day. Someone killed his dog and stole his horse.

Duke Crow is 21mm toe-to-eye, downloadable STL for 3D printing, with an integrated cobblestone base and a baseless version supplied in the zip.

What's in the Zip File?

This ZIP includes a digital miniature for home 3D printing, painting, and play. Originally hand-sculpted by Darcy Perry, then digitally scanned by Jeremy Larsen at Ill Gotten Games to create an STL file. The ZIP includes a Pre-Supported file by Robbie Brown of Mini Manatee.

Personal Use Only

For use on a home 3D printer, the STL files for this figure are supplied in a ZIP file. Each model is provided in both supported and unsupported STL format.

Models may only be downloaded for personal use and are strictly prohibited from being used for commercial purposes or for dissemination. These 3D printable files may not be shared, distributed, sold, rented, hosted, or transferred by the consumer. Printing by customers for industrial or mass production uses is not permitted.

Each model may be downloaded for private use only; it may not be used for commercial purposes, including but not limited to selling prints, putting on websites such as eBay, Etsy, Shapeways, Facebook, or other forums and places where products or files are distributed. Any infringement of intellectual property rights is subject to legal action to the fullest extent of the law, including the pursuit of criminal charges.

Become a Wizard!

Should you want to sell 3D prints of this model, the STLs are now available in a 3D Merchant bundle, along with the Official License for 3D Printing Star Hat Miniatures. You need to purchase that license and adhere to its condition to become a Star Hat Wizard 3D Printing Merchant.


Although the STLs are sized to 35mm heroic, you can rescale them before 3D printing to fit your requirements. 

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