The Banshee of Billfort (Preorder)
The Banshee of Billfort (Preorder)

The Banshee of Billfort (Preorder)

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The Banshee of Billfort is an adventure for half a dozen daring ducks. They will be searching for a missing fisherduck in the wetlands surrounding Marshington, a small fishing village. The swamp can be dangerous for even seasoned duck adventurers, so the party should be made aware this is not a “walk in the park” quest. A band of froglodytes, recent arrivals to the area, will make the mission even more deadly.

  • An Adventure for hald a dozen daring ducks
  • A hex map of the Quaking Quag
  • A dungeon map of the ruins of Billfort Keep
  • New Monsters from the world of AquaLoonia
  • And much, much more!

Brought to you by Zine Month 2022, supporting the indie TTRPG community globaly.


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