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ShadOwlDark by Darcy Perry for Shadowdark RPG

ShadOwlDark by Darcy Perry for Shadowdark RPG

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Welcome to the ShadOwlDark.

A 56 Page PDF Download packed with Owl Ancestry and Nine Owl Classes. Introducing the BardOwl, Orac-Owl, OwlBerserker, Owlchemist, Owldritch Knight, Owllusionist, Owlssassin, Owltimate Warrior, and Vowlkyrie! Including new talents, spells, potions, runes, lore, and magical items, designed for the ShadowDark RPG.

Foreword by Kelsey Dionne. Cover Art by John Latta. Illustrations by Darcy Perry, Johan Tieldow, Jacob Blackmon, John Latta, Dean Spencer, John Bilodeau, and Chet Minton.

Special Thanks to Abigail Rogers, Kelsey Dionne, Jennell Jaquays, Chet Minton, Luke Gygax, Tim Knight, Stephen Black, Laurin-David Weggen, and the ShadowDark RPG Community.

In memory of Russ Nicholson, whose art breathed life into The Warlock of Firetop Mountain and countless other enchanted realms.

This is a Third-Party product, and requires the ShadowDark RPG QuickStart rules for play. 


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