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ShadowDark Duck Ancestry & Dungeoneer Class

ShadowDark Duck Ancestry & Dungeoneer Class

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Welcome to the ShadowDuck.

A supplement for the Shadowdark RPG: Old-School Gaming, Modernized - Including rules for a new Ancestry and Class for ShadowDark, along with Talent and Advancement TablesImprovised Weapons, Piecemeal Armor, and more!

Duck Ancestry - Play a Duck! 
Daring, valiant, adventure-seekers. Born to be wild, Ducks are calm in the face of Chaos.

Dungeoneer Class - Play a Dungeoneer! 
Spelunkers, delvers, and divers by nature, who lust for adventure and exploring damp, dark places.

Why not both!?
A pregenerated Duck Dungeoneer Character with art by Jennell Jaquays!

12 Page PDF Download. Featuring art by Darcy Perry and Jennell Jaquays. This is a Third-Party product, and requires the ShadowDark RPG QuickStart rules for play. 


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