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Quack Keep

Quack Keep

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Endless adventure awaits in Reedy Bend, a vibrant campaign setting for any role playing game!

Quack Keep - a collaboration between Jennell Jaquays (5th Wall Games & Miniatures) and Darcy Perry (Star Hat Miniatures) - inspired by classic game adventure modules of the past but written to be more approachable for a new generation of role-players and workable with a wide range of game rules thanks to the 5th Wall Generic Rank System. It even comes with a fold-out GM screen as a cover!

The title is a nod to Quag Keep, the first novel based on a roleplaying game, published by Andre Norton in 1978 - around the same time that Jennell Jaquays began producing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and Runequest modules for Judges Guild. The Caverns of Thracia and Dark Tower are both best-selling examples of her early work, both still in print after almost 40 years.  

The later inspired Legendary Duck Tower and other Tales, which included a ducky-pastiche of her original Dark Tower cover. It was due to this and her work for Chaosium that Jennell Jaquays "was pretty much labeled as that designer and artist who did the ducks."

It was one of those drawings that inspired Darcy Perry to sculpt a duck, which quickly became a few ducks, during a Kickstarter that captured Jennell's attention (and likeness: Jenn Jaquack). A new idea was hatched: Quack Keep, the 48 page campaign setting they created to provide a home for the marvelous cast of heroic scale Fowl Folk miniatures (ducks, geese, swans, crows) and a massive Duck Dragon, Daffyd Platypryros!

And now the adventure can be yours!


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