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Star Hat

Mother Henna

Mother Henna

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This no-nonsense shield mother superior of the Bluebill temple is a warrior priestess with both practical and leadership skills. She is no young duckling, with her sturdy, stocky, middle-aged female duck body shaped by both hard work and missing very few meals. Henna’s Maul (two-handed mace) goes by the name “No Blood Dear.” She keeps the massive talisman that opens the temple’s crypts locked in a cabinet in her quarters.

Henna Duckweed devoted herself to the service of Freyad’k since she was a mere duckling, working alongside Jenn JaQuack’s mother, Jaada. So, none were surprised when she followed her mentor on the mission to restore Bluebill Temple to proud glory once again.Her rough, gruff, and tough exterior hides a heart that is just as rough, gruff, and tough. She’s a bash first, trust later sort of duck, and her two-handed wooden club bound in metal and rounded rivets is one of her forms of communication.

Mother Henna is 24mm toe-to-eye, cast in metal with an integrated cobblestone base. All miniatures are supplied unpainted.

This figure available as a 3D printable STL file here.


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