Thulsa Duck
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Thulsa Duck

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Thulsa Duck dresses to menace in his dark, tight-fitting, yet stretchy rubber clothing. From head to toe, from his duck-horned helm to his latex leggings, all are made of his god’s blessed material … rubber. Even his massive, threatening sword … rubber. Probably not helped by the drake’s propensity to strike menacing or imperious poses, or imperious AND menacing poses. Are you not menaced? And that voice, who could imagine a duck could have a voice as deep as a thousand foot well?

Thulsa Duck does not see himself as evil. He is a good duck, doing good work. The Rubber Soul will reward his efforts. The world just can’t see it now. He draws comfort from the tight-fitting rubber clothing his god requires he wear and feels safe in the company of the giant rubber snakes who he knows his god will animate to give him protection. And the world will BURN if it doesn’t see things his way!!!

Thulsa is 23mm toe-to-eye, cast in metal with an integrated cobblestone base. All miniatures are supplied unpainted.

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