Bigus Duckus
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Bigus Duckus

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Behind the bar, a duck armored not just like a legionnaire, but a general officer as well, serves drinks and later clears tables. Bigus struggles with conflicting feelings of abandonment by and concern for HIS missing legionnaires. He acts confident and even arrogant, but it only covers up the terror he feels about this strange world.

Bigus was once the mascot of a lost Roman legion (Legio IX Hispana), a troop of human soldiers who disappeared from their own time. While they considered him their mascot, he imagined himself their leader. Though far below what he considers his “station in life,” Bigus serves drinks and clears tables at a bar in Banquak (while dressed in his Roman General’s armor) and lives in a room nearby. He’ll share his own story for a bit of what he serves.

Bigus Duckus is 24mm toe-to-eye, cast in metal with an integrated cobblestone base. All miniatures are supplied unpainted.

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